Cost of LLC incorporation in Kenya

In recent years, Kenya has attracted an influx of foreigners and foreign based companies wishing to do business in the country. If you are among this group, probably you would

What is the Cost of Obtaining a Kenya Forex Broker License?

The average cost estimate for setting up  Kenya Forex Broker License business ranges from USD30,000 to USD45,000.Important to note is that these licenses are renewable every year. The setup cost

Seychelles Securities Dealer License. All you need to Know

Regulatory Authority & Licensing law Seychelles securities dealer license is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) which supervises the non-bank financial services in Seychelles under the Financial Services

Why the “Scramble for Africa” by Online Forex Brokers, Dealers and Traders

Despite the on-going global regulatory and economic challenges, Africa continues to experience sustained growth in the volumes of online securities brokerage and dealing business. Though this is the general trade,

Why Kenya’s Online Forex Broker License?

Today almost every e-commerce book being written with no substantial chapters on Africa as a major market be it on fast moving consumer goods, professional consultancy services, Fintech or conventional

Why do Forex Brokers Want a License in Kenya?

Many foreigners are increasingly showing interest in operating an online Forex brokerage in Kenya. As an emerging market with relative stability and a solid regulatory regime, Kenya is becoming an

How Can I Engage in Foreign Exchange Business in Kenya?

Online Forex Brokers business in Kenya is regulated by The Capital Markets Authority (CMA). The authority was established in 1989 as the state’s financial market regulator. Here is what you