Why the “Scramble for Africa” by Online Forex Brokers, Dealers and Traders

Why the “Scramble for Africa” by Online Forex Brokers, Dealers and Traders

Despite the on-going global regulatory and economic challenges, Africa continues to experience sustained growth in the volumes of online securities brokerage and dealing business.

Though this is the general trade, only a few African countries have taken an active role to regulate the sector. On top of the chart is Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.

From our observations in the recent past below are some of the key factors contributing to this trend.

  • Coordinated efforts to attract traders from Africa by EU licenses as a front end to their reputation. Notably, a good number of forex brokers have already witnessed a trading market ripe and ready to be penetrated and featuring near-endless possibilities for traders ranging from beginners, intermediaries, and expert traders.
  • Presence of major forex brokers that have obtained the necessary regulation from top-tier authorities to offer their services to African forex traders.
  • Global restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic and various measures to prevent its spread a lot more people have been confined to their homes to work remotely whereas others were left without employment hence resulting to online trading an alternative way to secure an income.
  • Improved telecommunication across the continent and increased access to the Internet all over Africa brought in massive numbers of new forex traders who signed up to trade on the established electronic trading platforms.
  • Eminent realization of the high liquidity that the forex market offers in addition to lowered transactional costs, making it possible for anyone to trade forex, especially through mobile trading by Africa’s youthful population.
  • Africa’s economy is growing substantially and quickly, despite many challenges the continent faces. Africa remains one of the most lucrative destinations for foreign investment and there are many international companies that have established themselves across the continent.
  • The regulatory push seen in Europe, China, and Australia is squeezing the forex industry especially on reduced leverage for retail trading of contracts and marketing restrictions.
  • Finally, existing forex clients are increasingly willing to take the risk to move their money to an offshore-regulated entity

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